Xiaobo Zhu

Professor Xiaobo Zhu received his PhD in condensed matter physics at Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOP-China), Beijing. Between 2003 and 2008, he worked in IOP-China as intern, assistant professor and associated professor. In 2008, he joined NTT Basic Research Laboratories as Research Associate and Senior Research Associate. In 2013, he became a special assigned professor in IOP-China. In 2016, he joined University of science and technology of China as professor. His team is dedicated to develop the scale-up superconducting quantum circuit and hybrid superconducting quantum system. He for the first time showed the coherent coupling between the superconducting qubit and nitrogen-vacancy-center ensemble. In collaboration with Prof. HaohuaWang at Zhejiang University, they developed ~300MHz bandwidth Josephson parametric amplifier. Recently, they designed, prepared and measured 10-bit Xmon/Transmon quantum chip. Based on this quantum chip, a 10-bit GHZ state was demonstrated with fidelity above 66%.